Lead Generation: Difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing 

Lead generation can be intimidating specially if you are new in this line of work. However, even if this is the case, lead generation is how a business survives and gets recognition specially if you want more edge in getting the right customers for your business. 



Lead generation is often found more intimidating because it offers different strategies to succeed and given the various list of strategies, you are more confused which way to start. 

However, before we proceed to all the fuss about strategies and more on lead generation, what is lead generation by the way? 

Lead generation is a way for businesses to thrive. Through this process, businesses are able to attract or introduce their product or the services they provide through various strangers specially in the digital platform. If you are a newbie in this process, most often, various strategies are incorporated or tried in order to attract more people. Channels or platforms are taken advantage of like social media, email and even television in order to introduce your product or service of concern.  

Lead generation is kind of tricky since you I’ll need to experiment different techniques to make your way to a successful lead or successful business. You will need to explore every possible tactic you can come up with to ensure a good result however, in the process of looking through the right tactic or technique for your lead needs you will also need to invest financially.  

Lead generation is broadly categorized into two marketing strategies.  

Inbound Lead Generation 

Nowadays, the method of inbound lead generation is quite popular and in demand. Since the digital platform is vast and connected to almost every individual worldwide, inbound lead generation is more popularized. An individual invests many minutes even hours just to look for their product of interest before purchasing an item; if this is the case, then these interested individuals are somehow just looking for you. To make sure you get the attention out of various others in the digital platform, you need to have the right information that will entice them. Inbound is often tagged as permission lead generation dude to its focus on providing content that are relevant to people. inbound lead generation provide a trail to your business prospects.  

If you have heard of SEO or social media then you have probably used it as well without having the knowledge that you are using it. SEO provides you a good leverage when it comes to exposing your business through search engine results connected to the right keywords and keywords mostly searched on the web.  

Given all these knowledges on inbound lead generation, one thing stands clear. It is your job to ensure that you stand out to ensure that the people seeking you will find you. 

Outbound Lead Generation

Unlike inbound, outbound is more focused on seeking than being sought after. It is more commonly known as interrupts lead generation. This strategy is more focused on making your business known without the regard of you audience interest but more so in advertising what you can offer.  

In general, if you want to be sought after, go into inbound lead generation however if you want to seek your prospects, then go for outbound lead generation.  

One wise tip from lead generation professionals is to combine both for best results.  

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