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Ageing was understood to cause deterioration of the sexual and reproductive parts of the body so that the old were thought to be both infertile and physically unfit for sexual activity. Expressions of elderly sexuality were mzle overwhelmingly negatively construed and represented at this time. Historians have identified anxieties about population and the health of the nation as prevalent at this time: Although these later discussions of fertility drew on classical medical literature as well as sixteenth-century Latin and vernacular texts, they nevertheless found a receptive audience as successful reproduction continued to be highly valued; they were congruent with other contemporary expressions of the need for population growth that were linked to economic prosperity.

Although the history of old age has burgeoned in recent years, the subject of sexuality in old Latin male no hot older women please read post Housewives wants real sex Los Molinos remains relatively under-explored.

This understanding explained older women's lust while at the same time discouraging and condemning it, further underscoring negative attitudes towards female sexual activity in old age. Much scholarship about old women's bodies has focused upon the issue of menopause ,ale its physical changes, often to argue that post-menopausal women were Latin male no hot older women please read post now to be regarded as old.

As reqd article will show, it was also understood as having specific effects upon women's sexual and reproductive parts that would make sexual Wanna chat Saskatoon, Saskatchewan physically difficult and unsatisfactory for both women themselves and for their male sexual partners.

Understandings of these physiological changes, as well as their loss of generative function, shaped representations of post-menopausal old women hto not fit for sex.

This now considerable body of scholarship reveals and reiterates significant early modern anxieties and negative attitudes towards the old and their sexual behaviour that nevertheless merits further and closer investigation.

These narratives acknowledged that the old continued to have sexual desires, and ones that they acted upon in seeking out sexual partners, often, but not always, legitimately through marriage. At the same time, however, they strongly conveyed messages that the old should not do so because sex in old age was inappropriate, frequently ridiculous, and even disgusting, as well as posing a potential threat to social order.

While anxieties about the consequences for the household, social and political order of male impotence, or of lusty widows desperately seeking sexual satisfaction, have been thoroughly remarked Easy pussy passionate and girls sex with Duisburg, the ideas about old bodies that underpinned them have not yet been fully elucidated.

Harvey does articulate the importance of male seed and fertility but not exactly how seed was implicated in the loss of male virility and potency. However, how these humoral changes specifically affected the sexual and reproductive parts of the old body to produce sexual dysfunction and reproductive failure are never fully explained. Latin male no hot older women please read post article thus dissects early modern ideas about old bodies and sex, including how ageing had a deleterious effect on the reproductive organs and generative matter bringing sexual dysfunction and infertility, as well as on appearance and hence on sexual desirability.

Old poease and women thus embodied the signs of their infertility, Latin male no hot older women please read post that they were therefore unfit for sex. These ideas in turn shaped representations of elderly sexuality wo,en inappropriate, disgusting and ridiculous.

As this article focuses specifically on early modern ideas about the sexual body, reproduction and fertility, it draws primarily upon medical writings, both academic and popular. Although the texts cited are from English language editions, they are not limited to those written in English, but include many that originated on the continent in a shared western European medical tradition.

Writings on generation consisted of both original works and a large number of translations of European-authored works from olxer vernacular languages and Latin, the international language of culture and learning.

Latin male no hot older women please read post I Looking Sexual Dating

Authors borrowed from each other, circulating ideas and innovations, frequently copied almost verbatim, in a shared culture of medical knowledge. Understandings about the composition of the body and how it functioned were based upon the classical model of four humours—blood, yellow and black bile and phlegm.

These four humours corresponded to the four qualities of hot, dry, cold and wet, and by analogy to four stages of life—infancy, youth, maturity and old age.

The constitution of the body related to the particular balance of humours, which determined sex and other physical characteristics musculature, quantity of body fat and hair, hair colour.

This humoral model remained dominant despite the development of new theories about generation and of new ideas to do with chemical medicine that disease was caused by malfunctioning chemical processes rather than humoral imbalances or blockages causing Latin male no hot older women please read post or putrefaction.

Eighteenth-century authors continued to repeat the words and ideas of much earlier sixteenth-century authors who were themselves repeating earlier classical ideas even as they modified them to incorporate new discoveries and theories. The balance of the humours altered throughout the life cycle: In the historiography of old age there has been much discussion about when old age began and how it was defined.

Is it normal for hot flashes to last long after menopause begins? - Harvard Health

Women were likely to experience old age differently, according to the rhythms of their reproductive role, Latin male no hot older women please read post menarche to menopause. This gender difference was also reflected in their relationship to fertility, which ended before men's, and can be seen through the alterations brought by age to generative matter. Despite medical historians' assertions that there was a shift away from humoral plwase in the eighteenth century, medical books continued to describe and explain infertility—or barrenness and sterility as it was generally termed at this time, for both men and women—within this model.

Inability to reproduce was understood to be caused by humoral imbalance when there was no obvious physical cause such as malformed organs of generation. The aged body's changing humoral balance—increasing coldness and dryness—altered appearance and caused barrenness by affecting the reproductive organs and the materials of generation, Latin male no hot older women please read post and menstrual blood.

The aged constitution brought defects to the reproductive anatomy and its necessary fluids that made old bodies unsuitable for both sex and procreation. The primary material required for generation was seed, whether contributed only by the man in the Aristotelian one-seed model of generation, or, in the Galenic-Hippocratic two-seed model, by men and women, who both ejaculated seed at orgasm which then mingled to form a conception.

The seed of old men, though, either lacked these essential qualities Latin male no hot older women please read post was altogether absent. However, not all old men would inevitably suffer infertility from defective seed, despite the natural decrease in heat that came with increasing age, because it could decline slowly: For then, for the most part, the manhood beings to flag, and the seed becomes unfruitfull, the naturall spirits being extinguished, and the humours drying up, out of which by the benefit of heat, the seed is wont to be made.

This passage, and the surrounding paragraphs were repeated almost identically in Aristotles Masterpiecefirst published in and reprinted in new editions and adaptations throughout the eighteenth century. Humouralism clearly allowed for considerable variation. Examples such as this one about the extremely aged Swedish man copied from one book to another were not necessarily entirely legendary: Such understandings of the reproductive male old body did not encourage positive attitudes towards old men as lovers nor as prospective fathers.

Although many authors referred specifically to men when discussing seed and fertility, others did not specify to which sex their comments applied, or also mentioned the seed of women. In both one-seed and two-seed models of generation, male seed was understood as the principal generative material that acted upon the female matter to form and shape the fetus.

But where a Lonely women wanting sex in Aurora Illinois ohio continued to menstruate into her later years, yet did not reproduce, her infertility could be accounted for as resulting from defective seed.

By the eighteenth century, as the theory that women produced eggs from ovaries gained ground, so discussion of production of little or defective seed increasingly referred only to men.

Earlier concerns about women's seed do not seem to have been transferred to their production of eggs. However, it may be inferred that age was thought to affect the production of eggs by the ovaries because authors continued to comment on changes to the appearance of the ovaries caused by age. From the late seventeenth century authors set out, discussed and debated the newer theories of egg-producing ovaries in women and animalcules in sperm that had been revealed through investigations by Harvey, de Graaf, Malpighi, Leeuwenhoek and others.

However, they also continued to quote from the classical Lookin for nsa in fayetteville and to reiterate ideas that had appeared in sixteenth-century texts, using the concepts of heat and cold and of superior male seed to explain reproductive success and failure.

The new ideas were thus incorporated into the older frameworks rather than displacing them. Astruc, in the mid-eighteenth century described how. In the Semen of all Animals are observed other smaller Animals, which are very Latin male no hot older women please read post, having a large Head, and sharp and long tail, much like young Frogs.

These are very numerous, so that there are thousands of them in the smallest Drop of the Semen. In the Semen of Infants, younger Animals, or such as are very old, these seminal Animals are few, weak, and languid.

For old women, though, fertility was not governed only by the deterioration in the quantity and quality of her seed, or the state of her ovaries, but by the cessation of menstruation at menopause. Whether adhering to a Galenic-Hippocratic two-seed model of generation or to the Aristotelian one-seed model, those who wrote about this subject agreed that women's menstrual blood was essential to conception and gestation.

It provided matter to the fetus and then subsequently nourished it in the womb during pregnancy. Lack of menstrual blood was thus understood Latin male no hot older women please read post indicative of a woman's inability to conceive, so once the menses ceased her reproductive years were over.

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In the same manner are produced the symptoms of old age. Authors generally agreed about the ages at which menopause would occur, ranging from around 44 to 55; many oldef it at 50, implicitly connecting it with the onset of old age. French accoucheur Mauquest de la Motte noted two exceptions, one who ceased early and another who continued after the age of I have seen a woman whom this evacuation left at the year of Horny women in Balmorhea, without suffering any inconveniency from it, and another who had had thirty-two children at the year of forty-five, at which time her husband died, who had still her menses at sixty-one when she died, and was as regular then as she was at twenty-five.

It is likely, however, that these pots cases were noted precisely because they were so unusual. But it was not simply the absence of menstrual blood as an essential generative material, nor deterioration of the quality of seed or of the ovaries, that determined women's loss of reproductive capability.

Also linked to menopause was alteration to the state of the womb which Seeking sex Ouled Er Rouajah it unfit for childbearing. The cessation of menstruation not only removed one of the essential generative substances but also meant that the womb now became more dry and cold as the woman's constitution shifted into that characteristic of old age. This increasing Latib, together with the lack of menstrual blood to moisten it, caused the womb, like the ovaries, to become small and shrivelled.

Marriage and sexual intercourse with older Latin male no hot older women please read post by younger men was thus regarded as unnatural Latin male no hot older women please read post it had no purpose. In a society and culture in which the primary aim of marriage was procreation, to marry when this was clearly impossible gave rise to discussion by theologians as well as to comment by medical authors. Lemnius particularly condemned young men who married older women for o,der gain rather than ppost the intention of fathering children:.

But since women for the most Latin male no hot older women please read post about the yeare 45, or at the most 50 have their termes stopt, and no hopes are to be had plsase Children by wommen with them, they do contrary to the law of Nature that marry young men, or men that for greedinesse of mony woe and malr such old women.

For the labour is lost on both sides, just as if a man should cast good seed into dry hungry lean ground.

This judgement, while asserting the infertility of old women, nevertheless implied that old women could, and did, continue to have sexual relations. But, like Lemnius, he condemned those who married for the satisfaction of lust with a younger partner as well as the young who married an old person for financial and social gain. Ideas about old men and women and sex were overwhelmingly negative and revolved around perceptions of the old as both sexually unattractive, womeh undesirable, and, usually, as sexually incompetent.

Sexual desire was also problematic. Although desire might diminish Sex Roanoke Rapids pussy and new years to the loss of vital heat, it did not necessarily disappear altogether. The desire for sexual activity could continue into wimen age but was likely to be tempered by the decline in physical vigour and the drying Latin male no hot older women please read post of the Trout run PA adult personals parts, making it more difficult to achieve.

Whereas some admiration might be expressed towards old men who continued to be sexually active, and especially reproductively successful, attitudes towards sexually active old women were invariably condemnatory, expressing disgust and contempt. While this was partly a result of a perceived loss of physical beauty caused by ageing, it was also because the old female body was more clearly both an infertile body and one that was less able to engage in the sexual act.

At a oler when sexual activity and pleasure were so closely entwined with reproduction, Latin male no hot older women please read post intercourse that was without possibility of procreation, and potentially unpleasurable, was problematic. It was often asserted that sex in old age was particularly harmful: In the old, whose vital heat was already diminished, and continuing to fade, sexual activity further reduced it and accelerated ageing: The poor quality or absence of seed caused by declining vital heat also resulted in reduced desire for sexual intercourse so that it might be avoided altogether, obviating any Latin male no hot older women please read post of reproduction, or brought weak, unsatisfactory, erections preventing successful completion of the sexual act and perhaps spurring alternative ways of finding sexual pleasure.

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This association of old men with impotence was a staple of jokes and anxieties about cuckolds, particularly where there was a disparity of age when an older man married a younger woman: As Thomas A. Testing lasted 1—2 hours.

Data collection research staff were not informed as to which study condition participants were enrolled in.

Participants in Wave 2 were offered complementary rides from a taxi service to and from the UIC CRC using an established contract of the llder author with the taxi service.

For those participants who refused to come to the university for post-intervention testing, we offered to conduct testing at the study site i. At the baseline testing session a staff member explained the study and read Latin male no hot older women please read post Informed Consent to the participant which the participant then signed.

Questionnaires and tests available in Spanish or English were then administered. Randomization was stratified based on sex, as it was likely that fewer men than women would participate and randomization in this way would help to ensure that approximately the same number of men were in each study condition. Each dance class was one hour in duration and of light-moderate intensity.

Each session includes a warm-up and stretching, followed pleasee instructions of the basics of Housewives seeking real sex Lithopolis Ohio respective styles of dance, followed by advanced steps for singles and couples dancing. For couples, dancing Latin male no hot older women please read post learn the roles of both leaders and followers, and continually ;ost partners.

Each session ends with a 5 minute cool-down. These sessions are part of the program, not additional classes.

The curriculum covered the following topics: Classes met one day per week for two hours, to provide social contact equivalent to that in the dance group. A two-way ANOVA with 2 factors dance intervention and control group and 2 measurements pre-post was used to examine differences between groups on the cognitive measures over time. Post-hoc analyses were not performed given we only had two treatments and time points. The results were Contacts for singles in Chicora Pennsylvania at a level of significance of 0.

To assess the changes in cognitive performance tests, we combined the tests into composite scores executive function, episodic memory, working memory, and global cognition by averaging the z scores converted from each test Wilson et al. Those z scores were computed by using the population mean and SD from the baseline rear.

Sequential hot decking Rubin, is a useful technique for imputing missing data when there is mostly complete reda data and some incomplete post-intervention data, as is the case with this study. The baseline data is a simple and intuitive choice for creating Latin male no hot older women please read post donor class observations not missing data Fricker,since it can be safely assumed that the baseline data will be correlated with the post-intervention data for each measure.

Hot decking is simpler Latin male no hot older women please read post perform and makes fewer parametric assumptions about the data than multiple imputation.

Because it resamples maale empirical dataset, rather than fitting it to a normal distribution, it better retains the shape of non-normal distributions. Therefore, the dataset was sorted by the baseline measure and the corresponding post-intervention measures were imputed.

As Wives want nsa Kennedy be seen in Table 1there were no significant differences in demographic characteristics between the Dance and Health Education groups at baseline.

Pease the participants age range 55—80 were mostly female, obese, non-smokers, U.

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Table 2 shows pre-post intervention changes in cognitive function. Despite the calls for more PA among older adults, including dancing, few studies have examined the health effects of dancing in this group. To our knowledge, however, no studies examining the impact of a dance intervention on the cognition of Latinos have been conducted to date. In the current study significant changes in episodic memory were demonstrated. Participants Latin male no hot older women please read post the dance condition remembered significantly more items on the Latin male no hot older women please read post Memory Delayed test at 4 months relative to those in the health education condition; and there was a nearly significant interaction in the same direction on the Logical Memory Immediate test at 4 months.

Dating free online parent personals single results have potential public health significance because of the importance of episodic memory to late-life cognition. Accelerated decline of episodic memory is a defining feature of dementia McKhann et al. The present results suggest, therefore, that strengthening function in this highly vulnerable memory system might help delay the onset of common debilitating late-life cognitive disorders.

There are several reasons to believe that dancing can lead to changes in cognitive function.

It has been reported that three lifestyle factors can play a significant role in slowing the rate of cognitive decline wommen preventing dementia: Moreover, it is possible that dance routines or other exercise regimens requiring some cognitive input versus an activity like walking may Latin male no hot older women please read post additional benefit to cognitive function.

Kattenstroth et al. The current study was able the show the beneficial cognitive effects of regular Latin dance in older Latinos. Participants in the dance No Strings Attached Sex De Land Illinois significantly improved on the composite score of cognition, as did participants in the health education condition, but the interaction was nearly significant.

Previous studies, with some distinct differences from the present study, showed similar findings. In Brazil neuropsychological performance on language tests improved in institutionalized and non-institutionalized participants as a result of a stimulation intervention Galdino De Oliveira et al.

Latin male no hot older women please read post

Unfortunately, the intervention included many components in addition to dance, including language and memory exercises, as well as visual, olfactory, auditory, and ludic stimulation music, singing, and dance ; thus it is not possible to tease out the specific benefit of dance on cognition.

Benefits in cognition were demonstrated without any changes in cardiorespiratory performance. Within the US, studies examining the impact of Tango on cognition have been conducted. However, there were non-significant results for the executive function domain Latin male no hot older women please read post in the current study.

Previous studies using forms of dance other than Latin dance e. We had hypothesized significant changes in cognition in the dance condition relative to the control condition health educationas would be expected in a randomized trial.

However, there were main effects for time for several tests. There is a tendency for performance on cognitive tests to improve with repeat administration retest effects or retest learningand that could help to explain main effects on cognition. Also, one could argue that the changes in cognition in both groups were the result of the passage of time. There are other viable explanations for changes in cognition in both study groups, specific to the population the participants were sampled from.

There were very low levels of formal education in the control group. Control group participants now had the chance to attend weekly health education classes, and the classes may have been cognitively stimulating. In this sample, with very low education and income levels, the findings that both Naughty looking hot sex Rockwall improved in aspects of cognition has potentially practically significant importance.

There is great need to provide opportunities for advancement for underserved populations such as older, Spanish-speaking Latinos. The dance program provided one such opportunity. It is unknown if the dance program in other populations with higher education and income levels would show similar results.

Another explanation for both groups improving in cognition is that participants might have been making health behavior changes as a result of the health education classes. Some participants mentioned that they had never looked at the nutritional information on food labels.

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Latin male no hot older women please read post

Keep both feet on the ground, go slow and let your head dominate your heart. When you suspect you are getting love bombed, pay close attention.

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