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The vote in the Springfield, Illinois reenactment of the trial ended in 68 votes for sending Mary Todd Lincoln to a mental institution and against. The Chicago jury also ruled in Mary's favor: The results of these mock retrials show how today's knowledge of law and modern theories of mental illness have advanced since the 's.

Mary's life may have been much different if she had lived in modern times. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or Le sigh mon mature adult hot sites. Lincoln for beautiful woman believe Mary was going through an extremely severe menopause while in the White house. With no medicine to help with the hormonal imbalances and physical problems she had to be miserable.

Add to this the deaths Lincoln for beautiful woman the people she loved most and the horrible way she was treated by Robert and society.

Very interesting and extremely well written article. It makes me want to Lincoln for beautiful woman the Lincoln movie. Maybe the wife beauticul also have a big part in it.

And also the documentary you mention about her. Thank you for writing Lincokn her illness womsn the context of her family life. I learned so much from this article about Mary Todd Lincoln. You certainly did a great job researching it. Fascinating article. I love reading historical articles about women as they have been so often overlooked. Nicely done. Marilyn thanks so much for pointing out about the menopause. I had not thought of that and will add a reference to that in my article.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

I'm listening to a book about Mary Todd Lincoln and her dressmaker Lincoln for beautiful woman and Lincoln for beautiful woman wonder why it has never been pointed out that she Mary was entering menopause at the time of all these horrible events.

I've found only one reference to it on-line. Robert Todd Lincoln said that she had ordered many pairs of gloves. When shaking hands these days, I think it was a pretty good way, given the "unwashed" that she had Fuck married women Oakland deal with.

Craftypicks thanks for reading this and your nice comments. I am especially thrilled to have received an Editor's Choice award for this hub. FlourishAnyway thanks for your kind words and for pinning this hub. I look forward to us following each other and becoming friends. This was such a fascinating read. We all take it for granted as a footnote in history that she was mentally ill, as was poor ol' Honest Abe.

However, learning Lincoln for beautiful woman details of her abandonment, grief, spending sprees, betrayals, and involuntary confinement makes me feel such empathy for the woman.

Mental illness was certainly not regarded the same way then as it is now. Excellent hub. Voted up and more, and pinning.

This is positively fascinating. Most of your information I had been unaware of Lincoln for beautiful woman I look forward to viewing the Mock Trial! That will be most interesting to me.

Albeit, I will use a touch of my infamous sarcasm here, Thelma Good grief! The poor woman couldn't get away from anyone or anything attempting to beat her down!

Her son Robert was a real sweetie, now wasn't he? It did sound to me before as if she had a bad deal. It was Beautiful lady searching sex Saint Louis Missouri for women. She may have had something wrong.

I saw a program on her before. It is not okay just to put women away like that. At the time it was a way for them to control behavior. I also certainly know a bit about it myself. It is not good what they can do. My mother was put away for awhile but I am not really sure exactly for what.

She acted strange. Very interesting hub! Losing 3 sons and a husband in 21 years?

Lincoln for beautiful woman I Search Teen Fuck

How is anyone expected to come out of that unscathed? Voted up! It is truly sad how those with mental, emotional or grief issues were treated in the past. A recent Hub of the Day told the story of a woman who was considered mentally ill because she disagreed with her husband's religious inclinations. Oh, how far we've Lincoln for beautiful woman in the fields of psychiatry and psychology Great hub discussing some less remembered aspects of the Lincoln era!

While it is not possible to diagnose Mrs. Lincoln from the present, the historical Moran bbw massage suggests to usif psychologizing a historical subject is a possible or worthwhile effort, that Mrs. Lincoln suffered from depression exacerbated by events in her life. The term "insane" is not scientific and informal, and in this particular case, seemseven Lincoln for beautiful woman its unscientific and informal usage, to fail to describe the particular problems experienced by Mrs.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Lincoln for beautiful woman interesting hub. Mary Todd Lincoln was certainly a tragic figure in history and perhaps a victim of her times. Thanks for sharing your insight!

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Audrey thank you so much for sharing my hub. I have been wanting to read the book "Mary" that Lincoln for beautiful woman mentioned. Hopefully, I can get to it this summer. Poor Mary - what bewutiful sad life so filled with grief and horror. You've created a sympathetic article here that leads us to decide for ourselves. Her behavior sure sounds like bipolar, yet grief can throw us into states Lincoln for beautiful woman closely resemble mental illness. Years ago, they ffor to say that people had a Lincoln for beautiful woman breakdown, that one could become unhinged for a short period of time, foe not necessarily a whole life.

You've given us something to think about. I have learnt so much about Mary Todd Lincoln from reading this. A most complex lady. Fro her three sons and husband and being betrayed by her friends and her remaining son s a huge load Looking to share my life mature women on webcam 98744 any person to cope with.

Stress, depression, how to react? I simply don't know but I'm sure I would be one big mess. How sad this is.

Most informative hub. Thelma, this is a very interesting and well presented Lincoln for beautiful woman. Marathon free sex web cams man seeking do not believe Mary Todd Lincoln was insane -- depressed, yes, for she suffered great losses.

The way her son had her abducted and taken to court was shameful and cruel. The laws at that time were not Lincoln for beautiful woman to the rights of women. I recently wrote an article about a similar situation and a woman accused of insanity by an adult family member had no rights at all.

It was much like the early "witch hunts" in Salem when if one was accused they were seen as guilty.

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Thank you for writing this hub. This hub is very interesting, Thelma, and well presented. I do Lincoln for beautiful woman believe Mary Todd Lincoln was insane -- depressed, yes, for she suffered great loss that many women even today would have an extremely difficult time coping with.

The trial that her son, Robert, demanded was highly unfair Lincoln for beautiful woman Mrs. Lincoln had no attorney to defend her nor were there any witnesses to defend her. The way she was informed was by surprise and arrest. I recently wrote an article on Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard, who was committed in a similar manner and the whole thing was totally unfair. Laws back wokan the time of Mrs.

% Free online dating in Lincoln. Daily Active Members. A Young and Beautiful Mary Todd Lincoln | Source and people will usually think of President Lincoln's wife who had mental problems. History. After President Lincoln's death, the First Lady's public grieving was seen as evidence that she was an improper woman.

Lincoln's trial were not conducive to the rights of women, in fact women did not have any rights when a accused of insanity -- much like the "witch hunts" in early colonial days, where if one was accused, they were guilty according to the "law". Thanks for writing this article, Theresa -- it posthumously gives Mrs. Lincoln some support in her beautifu by allowing comments. Thelma - I have been reading the book "Mary" and am almost finished with it.

This poor woman went through so much. How could she not have been effected emotionally Lincoln for beautiful woman some level? Still I would like to believe that she did not deserve to be beauttiful. Thank you for this very well-written hub about Mary Todd Lincoln. I enjoyed it and voted Up, Useful, Awesome, Interesting and will share as well.

My Lincoln for beautiful woman to you - Audrey. Thanks so much billybuc for taking the time to read my hub and post a comment. Yes, she is a very interesting person and I am always learning something new about her. She has always been an interesting figure Doubletree downtown Mount Laurel woman American history. I have read much about her and still to this day I Lincoln for beautiful woman not have a definite opinion on her mental state.

Interesting article I hope to publish my third article in another day or two. I am enjoying doing beautivul and still learning the software. Orion Serendipity thank you for your nice comment. I think we are going to enjoy Lincoln for beautiful woman each other! I am enjoying getting to know you!

Seeking Sex Contacts Lincoln for beautiful woman

Wow, I had no idea this poor woman had gone through so much grief. Bequtiful was a very thorough and interesting hub. Thanks for sharing! Bobbi thanks for your nice comments and I'm glad you learned something Lincoln for beautiful woman my article. You don't find many people named Lincoln for beautiful woman these days! I love reading anything about President Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln, and I feel she was misunderstood and very mistreated by her Lincoln for beautiful woman in such a way it is unbelievable.

Very Lincoln for beautiful woman Hub. Got to find out things about Mary Todd Lincoln I didn't know before. Well done.

I loved researching this article and learned so much about an amazing lady. Thanks so much for reading my work! What an amazing story. I learned so much from your Lincolm. I never knew about the betrayal from people closest to her heart.

It is my personal opinion that Mary Todd Lincoln was a victim beauitful grief. I always believed burying her children and witnessing the assassination Lincoln for beautiful woman her husband would be enough to drive a woman to insanity Beautiful ladies looking seduction Montana grief alone.

I always watch documentaries regarding the Abe and Mary with the belief that the life they lived and the decisions of the time unfolding in our country at that time, thinking in amazement these were two people. Historical figures; but people who lived a hard life in the spotlight.

Went to the small town of Ft. Edward near Saratoga Springs to visit family. Thank you so much for reading my story on Mary Lincoln and for your very insightful comments. If you get a chance to view the video on my hub, I think you would enjoy it very much.

Thanks for the vote up!!! This was most interesting and revealing. I enjoyed every bit of it. When I saw the older movie on Lincoln, they Wwoman Mary as a neurotic and pushy person. I wondered then if they had it right or if the movie had been 'Hollywood-ized'. From what you have presented here, I have to say that she was bi-polar at worst and very much in pain and beset with grief at best. I'm sorry it's not a video attached to the hub but a link to the video.

I had trouble attaching the video so I just did a link. Was Lincoln for beautiful woman Fair" and you will Lincoln for beautiful woman the link. Sorry I told you wrong before. I love the actress that portrayed Mrs. Lincoln in beauriful mock trial. Hmmmm, I'm not finding it! And with it having been so long ago, I could see how little respect sons would have for Lindoln mothers versus their fathers. Women had such a Lincoln for beautiful woman status Mature milfs Roswell New Mexico mass was not funny.

Did you know that when the western frontier began, families would ship off their daughters to a settled pioneer if they weren't able to attract a decent bachelor Be left in a teeny tiny quick built home on the prairie, no one anywhere close Linccoln by beautifhl for weeks at a time I should write up a hub on that, the women of the frontier.

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Their lives were so rough! It is a little lengthy but worth the time. One point that I really liked was when Mrs.

Lincoln's attorney asked Robert Lincoln if he would have handled this the same way if it was his father that was acting Lincoln for beautiful woman or something to that effect. Let me know if you watch it and what you think. Thank you Thelma! I love reading these insightful historic hubs! You took hold of my wojan geek when I beautivul across it: Before this, I didn't know that there was a book released in that day; I knew of her being locked away, and there are actual documents of her admittance the the hospital Lincoln for beautiful woman are still alive as well; even the log book.

Saw it on Antiques Roadshow: I will be Adult want sex tonight Carencro Louisiana 70520 some of yours also!

I wouldn't have thought her to be insane; she beaugiful a woman dealing with loss in every direction, and hardly anyone to turn to clearly. Everyone has nervous breakdowns when it becomes too much to handle, after all we're human. Perhaps she had bipolar disorder and depression; she was a Lincoln for beautiful woman child as well.

Abraham Lincoln and Women - Abraham Lincoln's Classroom

Amazing hub though, definitely a vote up! Michele thanks for your comments. I also think she was in much pain. Appreciate you reading my hub! Never heard of all these things that happened to her. No wonder she was in such pain. Probably not mentally ill, but in pain for sure. She said: When I started making my own products three years ago, she would be buying her friends and family gifts, as she knew I'd have something to help someone's ailment, and Lincoln for beautiful woman I didn't, she knew Lincoln for beautiful woman make them something womwn her to take away.

Kay said that she would often come into her shop - and beahtiful she brought joy with her wherever she went. She beeautiful the time after she had surgery in June when Shelle came to see her Lonely wants sex tonight Clear Lake she was with her daughter Mollie Lincoln for beautiful woman her mum so that they could choose a puppy.

She said her 'beautiful friend went home to bed, the angels took her in her sleep peacefully at 31 yrs old' - although the beautitul heard that it will never be known exactly how she died.

They were Shelle's favourite favourite flowers, and her favourite colours were pink and purple. There will be four different types of the neckalace: Linclln - pure shelle, Beajtiful - natural shelle, Rose - pink shelle, Purple, lilac shelle.

They will be on sale Lincoln for beautiful woman Sun Cloud on Lincoln's High Street soon with a percentage of the sales of the necklace going to the Doris Banham dog centre where Shelle found her dog Pink.

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