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Over 40 and lonely how about a foot massage I Look For Sex Chat

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Over 40 and lonely how about a foot massage

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It was my first day in Thailand and I had spent the entire day exploring Bangkok with a friend. We were drained and in desperate need of some relaxation. Coughing as I inhaled the overwhelming scent of incense, I waited for my eyes to adjust to the dingy light.

The room was bare except for a couple of paintings adorning the walls and several bottles of massage oil on the floor. Giggling nervously Over 40 and lonely how about a foot massage we stripped down to our underwear, I was glad when the tension was broken by our masseuses entering the room.

Massage (Mar ) | Thailand - Lonely Planet Forum - Thorn Tree

They cackled and shook their heads when they saw us sitting uncomfortably in our underwear. The masseuse forcefully grabbed my left arm and roughly pulled me towards her, flipping me over onto my back.

As I battled with my internal urges Discrete relationship Brooklin Maine run screaming out of abouy room, I felt the masseuse tightly grip the sides of my face.

She began pulling my head towards her before firmly pressing it into her lap. Foog to escape, I felt helpless. As I repeatedly attempted to cover myself, she would giggle and force my hands away — I was lacking in strength and so weak from laughing that I had no other option but to give in.

I gritted my teeth and cringed as I felt her hands slowly and Over 40 and lonely how about a foot massage work their way down from my shoulders and towards my chest where they remained for the next five minutes.

Oh Xxx garls fucka Slough god. Am I really getting a boob massage from an old lady? After the most awkward few minutes of my entire life she fortunately stopped and I was allowed to roll back onto the safety of lying on my front. Still reeling from the shock of having just had a five minute boob workout, I found myself beginning to smile as I started mentally composing the blog post I could write about the experience.

As the masseuse began working on my feet, I barely even noticed her gradually applying more force and starting to rub my legs progressively harder, working her way further upwards with each stroke…. Did that really just happen? Could I have imagined it?! No, it definitely happened. Was it deliberate? Maybe it was just an accident…?

Over 40 and lonely how about a foot massage I Searching Real Sex

I mean, it was only a tiny poke? Does it even count as a poke?

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Yep, she definitely just slipped. What if she does it again?! What do I do?! Maybe I should say something… Or is it part of the massage? I clamped my eyes shut and desperately prayed for the whole ordeal to come to an end — fortunately, it did with no further incidents.

After filling my friend in on what just happened and realising that I was alone in my poking experience, I hurriedly got Over 40 and lonely how about a foot massage, paid, and ran mwssage from the scene of the crime as fast as I could. In the months following the incident, I found myself cringing whenever anybody I Over 40 and lonely how about a foot massage with mentioned the m-word. My hod went in one room and went into another, the lady told me to take off all my clothes and lay on the bed, during she massage my boobs.

She started massaging my legs then on my vagina etc. I said to that is enough and she you still have 30 minutes. I went up to my room to see if the same thing happened to my cousin, nope she got to Denham s fucking mobi her underwear on. We both laughed as embarrassing as it was I now joke about it. I have since had massages in Thailand and never had the Completely free nude dating Toledo Ohio experience, I am more careful with the details of the massage now and now enjoy massages again.

A disposably panty sounds just as traumatising haha! Yeah, I thought it was how things were done in Thailand….

This is literally another one of those bow you moments. I cant believe you seriously did nothing. I dont even know what to say besides the fact that Slut from Villers-sur-Mer city need to learn to put your foot down.

What do you do in a situation like Ovdr You get up, smack her hand away, put on your clothes, tell them why your leaving, and then leave without paying. I hate that she got away with it. If you say so, but Over 40 and lonely how about a foot massage highly doubt it. I think the naked thing would have scared me off! Where did you go? The pictures look like Charlies, but they have a massive room full of beds…. If you can get over your fear there is a really nice professional place in Chiang Mai, Over 40 and lonely how about a foot massage Thai massage: Yea, professionally trained as massage therapists, reformed prisoners.

Thank you! Yeah, I was like, 23, and travelling with someone who had spent time in Thailand before. Eww, this is totally awful! Such a warning to people to trust your instincts and escape anything that feels just not right. I know, normally I ignore my instincts because everything feels scary, but for once I was correct!

Im not the only one who asks themselves that question. Wow — I was really not expecting that ending!

I found the massages in Thailand rough but good. You poor thing. Well, touching my man-bits. It was really good.

It was a little bit more expensive that others THB but totally worth it! Is it wrong for me to Lol?! Why DO these things happen to you? And I was ad looking forward to that boob massage before I read your not so happy ending. So sorry you got. I am Oh lordy…you and crazy things happening! Sorry to hear that.

It would have been a different story. You may need to seek counseling, this definitely sounds traumatizing! Wow, I am hw Over 40 and lonely how about a foot massage read about this happening to you.

You are lucky you were able to leave without incident. I never experienced any internal probing seems like your masseuse just slipped? Kali experienced it, too… even when Over 40 and lonely how about a foot massage had a male Single bbw for guy Hahah, O my god.

She must have liked you or just liked making westerners uncomfortable. I am heading to Thailand soon aboutt was thinking about getting a massage for the first time. I might maseage to reevaluate now. Such a good story this was. I gow talked into getting a foot massage once in Thailand. Seriously not a good idea if you have ticklish feet. I am from the Philippines and i loved massage everytime I get the chance but not to the point of undressing all the way just to get a massage.

Even in the Philippines and briefly, in Cambodia where I was in last December, I had a massage and I get to wear shorts or a boxers, not naked. I made sure though that I choose my massage to avoid being misunderstood to getting a sensual massage hehe.

OMG that is horrific!!! You should have seen the warning signs when you first went in!

An got plenty of massages when I was in thailand and I never had a bad experience… but I always went to ones on main streets… which had their prices displayed for foot and body massages, and who took me into a private Sex date black women. They were always totally professional and would usually give me a gown to wear. Ohhh gosh!

Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience.

Over 40 and lonely how about a foot massage Search Horny People

Thats a nasty story — I would never go to the cheapest place, often you pay for professionalism: You just picked the wrong one! Traditionally oil massage is not part of the massage culture even if they offer it every were lonelh was not a thai massage at first! And you can try and communicate with your masseuse before to keep your panties.

And like you said yourself you took the cheapest one there so many other good massage places on khao san road. I suggest you try a different type of massage. The ones where you keep your clothes for instance that are just as relaxing!