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They also start getting physically stronger and better able to coordinate movements. Encourage the learning process by talking to your little one, responding to his or her vocal expressions, and providing tjme age-appropriate toys.

But by the end of the third month your baby will engage you with facial expressions, vocalizations, and gestures. Your baby will be carefully watching your facial expressions and listening to your voice, responding to you with coos and gurgles, whers around 2 months, respond to your smile with a smile. Between 3 and 4 months, most infants can squeal with delight and laugh out loud.

Babies will learn to open and shut their fists and can hold a rattle placed in their hands. They'll soon discover that they're the one that caused the rattle to make noise.

They'll also begin to notice their hands and feet, and they'll become a source of amusement. Respond to your baby's coos and gurgling with sounds of your own so that your baby will be encouraged to keep using his or her voice for expression.

In this way, your infant hears the sounds of language and learns about conversation.

Your baby's sense of touch is also getting better. Provide colorful objects of different textures, shapes, and sizes mohth your infant to hold and explore. This is a good age to introduce an infant gym with interesting objects that dangle for your baby to swat at.

Or hold a toy just out of reach for your baby to reach for, swat, and grab hold of. But don't string up toys on cribs or other baby equipment — your baby could get tangled in them. There's a wide range of normal among babies.

If you're concerned about your little one's vision or hearing, or your baby doesn't seem to be developing well in other ways, talk with your doctor. Learning, Play, and Your 1- to 3-Month-Old.

Reviewed by: Mary L. Gavin, MD.