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Fairbanks — James S. Sherman — Thomas R.

Marshall — Calvin Coolidge — Charles G. Dawes — Charles Curtis — John N. Garner — Henry A. Wallace — Harry S. Truman Alben W. Barkley — Richard Nixon — Lyndon B. Category Inddiana. Unsuccessful major party candidates for Vice President of the United States. Johnson Theodore Frelinghuysen William O. Butler William A. Graham William L.

Dayton Herschel V. Johnson George H. Pendleton Francis P. Blair Jr. Brown Thomas A. Hendricks William H. English John A. Logan Allen G. Davis John W. Kern James S. Sherman Charles W. Fairbanks Franklin D. Roosevelt Charles Ineianapolis. Bryan Joseph T. McNary John W. All vice presidential candidates Vice Presidents.

United States Republican Party. Morton Miller Burch Bliss R.

Bush twice G. Paul Tampa Cleveland Charlotte. History Primaries Debates chairmanship election chairmanship election chairmanship election chairmanship election chairmanship election Bibliography Timeline of modern American conservatism. Cabinet of President George H. Bush — James A. Baker — Lawrence Eagleburger — Nicholas F. Brady — Dick Cheney — Richard L. Thornburgh — William Pelham Barr — Manuel Lujan Jr. Clayton K. Yeutter — Edward R. Madigan — Robert Mosbacher — Barbara Hackman Franklin — Elizabeth Dole — Lynn Martin — Louis W.

Sullivan — Jack Kemp — Samuel K. Skinner — Andrew Card — James D. Watkins — Lauro F. Cavazos — Lamar Alexander — Ed Derwinski — Dan Quayle — John H. Sununu — Samuel K. Skinner — James A. Baker — Richard Darman — William Reilly — None — Carla A. Hills — Thomas Pickering — Edward Perkins — Brent Women looking for sex in Nampa Idaho pr1 — William J. Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating — Bob Martinez — Michael Boskin — Members of the U.

House of Representatives from Indiana. Lieb Denton Luhring W. Wilson Rowbottom Boehne Jr. Schulte Madden Benjamin Hall Visclosky. Jennings Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating. Carr Ewing J. Davis Ewing J. Pence Chocola Donnelly Walorski. Test O. Smith Test Carty J. Carr Graham J. Carr J.

White T. Smith J. Robinson Dunham G. Dunn Hughes W.

Dan Quayle - Wikipedia

Dunn Harrington Imdiana. Hill Hunter Holman Kerr N. Carr Bicknell Stockslager Howard J. Lane G. Dunn T. Smith Cravens C. Smith Julian Parker J. McCarty Rariden Kennedy W. Brown Wick W. Kinnard Herod Wick Wallace J. Davis G. Robinson W. Myers Browne H. Evans Burton M. Pence Messer G. Hannegan A.

White Howard H. Davis Scott J. Myers Datign Kerns J. Carson A. Pettit McDonald Mace Ja. Wilson A. La Follette E. Wilson Hogan E. Wilson L. Hamilton B. Hill Sodrel B.

Hill Young Hollingsworth. Mitchell Edgerton Defrees W. Wood W. Owen Patton Hammond Hatch E. Crumpacker Peterson W. Brownson Barr Bruce Jacobs Jr.

Hudnut Jacobs Jr. Hamilton Colerick Lowry J. Parke Thomas Jennings. George H.

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Dan Quayle. Cason to be Assistant Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment, the latter received scrutiny for his record during the Reagan administration. In Novemberamid President Bush's handling of the Persian Gulf crisis, Lugar observed that President Bush should "call back the Congress and get an affirmative vote to authorize our staying power over there so Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating the world knows that we're going to back up whatever the President is doing.

Sex dating in Collettsville JuneLugar joined fellow Senators William Cohen and John Warner in revealing their dissent with space-based set, a central component of the Bush administration's version of the Strategic Defense Initiative, in a letter and speeches.

Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating I Am Looking Sexy Meet

The three offered an alternative that "would defer the deployment of 1, missile-destroying rockets in space, while calling for greater levels of ground-based missile defenses". During the election cycle, Lugar stated President Bush Housewives wants casual sex Montgomery Minnesota 56069 to signal that his reelection campaign was "a new campaign with a new game plan and a new vigor" and the best results would be formed through a message on "growth and jobs".

In Februaryafter Secretary of State Warren Christopher declared that the United States would only use military power in seeking a settlement as it pertained to Bosnia, Lugar's spokesman stated that during a telephone conversation between Christopher and Lugar, the secretary of state said "that the United States could contribute as many as 5, to 10, American troops to a 40,member NATO force that would go to Bosnia under United Nations auspices after a new peace accord is concluded".

Following its conclusion, Lugar stated the president's views: But the President was much less certain about heading down the trail Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating air strikes. Lugar afterward spoke positively of Glickman. On August 3,Lugar stated his support for convening a hearing for William Weld for United States Ambassador to Mexico and overlook Senator Jesse Helmsnoting that a Senate chairman "cannot be dictatorial, ultimately, when a majority of the committee, a majority Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating the Senate, a majority of the American people, want action".

On February 12,Lugar Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating in favor of both articles of impeachment against President Clinton, [93] calling his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky "shameless, reckless and indefensible", [94] and criticizing him for creating a negative environment. The treaty was designed to ban underground nuclear testing and was the first major international security pact to be defeated in the Senate since the Treaty of Versailles.

During the August recess ofLugar and then-freshman Senator Barack Obama of neighboring Illinois visited RussiaAzerbaijan, and Ukraine to inspect nuclear facilities there.

He was released after a brief dialogue between U. The Lugar—Obama program focuses on terrorists and their use of multiple types of weapons. Lugar was named an honorary co-chairman of their inauguration.

On January 13,Lugar participated in the confirmation hearing for Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating of State nominee Hillary Clintonraising questions on the potential conflict of interest between her husband Bill's charitable activities and her new position.

On March 18,Lugar cast his 12,th Senate vote, putting him in 13th place for most votes. Lugar ran for the Republican nomination for President in He declared his candidacy on April 19, in Indianapolis. However, the announcement was largely overshadowed by the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, an event that was the largest act of domestic terrorism on U. The primaries and caucuses began in January He ran on a campaign slogan of "nuclear security and fiscal sanity", but his campaign failed to gain traction.

He quit the race the next day, March 6. Lugar's fellow senator, and eventual Republican nominee, Bob Dolehad won all nine contests and Lugar endorsed him. He finished sixth overall, withvotes, or 0. In retrospective, David Corn of Mother Jones called his presidential campaign "ludicrous". On February 15,Lugar made a joint appearance with Lee H.

Under the leadership of Lugar, the Lugar Center seeks to become a prominent voice in many of the global issues that defined the Senator's work in Congress. There are four "focus areas": Since its inception in Januarythe Lugar Center has served as a source of education and awareness on these pertinent issues.

The Center's initiatives include the following: In Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating, the Lugar Diplomacy Series brings together American policy- and opinion-makers and the Washington diplomatic community. In addition, the Lugar Center was awarded a grant by the Delegation of the European Union to conduct policy research regarding transatlantic cooperation.

The grant permitted the Center to partner with the German Marshall Fund of the United States to work on bolstering trans-Atlantic energy security and economic cooperation, particularly in relation to the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

As Chairman of the Agriculture CommitteeLugar built bipartisan support for federal farm program reforms, ending s-era federal production controls. He worked to initiate Free xxx date Sitka Alaska biofuels research program to help increase U. Department of Agriculturereform the food stamp program, and preserve the federal school lunch program.

Although Republican, Lugar often worked across the aisle, working alongside Democrats on many initiatives. For this reason, he commonly broke with traditional Republican lines, especially on non-domestic issues. Lugar's bipartisan efforts earned him 24th place of Senators' lifetime scores from — Mature sex Garland to the Lugar Bipartisan Index, with a score of.

Lugar was a firm believer in pragmatic, scientific solutions to climate change issues. Inhe co-sponsored Senate Resolution with then-Senator Joe Bidenwhich encouraged American participation in international negotiations regarding mitigation agreements. Lugar described U. Lugar took a conservative approach to economics. Lugar was a supporter of gun controland supported a number of gun legislations and weapons bans.

Both were described by critics as "amnesty". On June 25,Lugar, who had been "a reliable vote for President Bush on the war", said that "Bush's Iraq strategy [is] not working and Lugar's blunt assessment has been viewed as significant because it showed the growing impatience and dissatisfaction with President Bush's strategy in Iraq. Lugar's words yesterday could be remembered as a turning point in this intractable civil war in Iraq.

Two days later, on June 27,Lugar said that Congressional measures aimed at curtailing U. Lugar believed that judicial confirmation decisions should not be purely partisan.

His view was if an appointee is properly qualified for the position by their education, integrity, and other similar factors, that they should be confirmed by the Senate. Bush's appointee, now Chief Justice John Roberts, to Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating Senate at the beginning of Roberts's confirmation process and was instrumental in securing votes to confirm Roberts for the Supreme Court. Lugar held a socially conservative approach on LGBT issues.

He voted for the Federal Marriage Amendmentlimiting the definition of marriage to one man and one woman. In a television interview on September Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating,amid President Reagan not defining the penalties for American casualties in the Middle East, Lugar stated the US position in Lebanon was "clearly defensive" but concurred that issue was debatable.

On May 6,Lugar was among 22 senators to vote in favor of the Reagan administration-backed proposed arms sale to Saudi Arabia, warning other senators prior to voting that they "were taking a headlong plunge in opposition to the President of the United States". On August 7,Lugar called for the United States and Russia to Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating in collaboration to eliminate the stockpile of chemical weapons in Syria during an interview.

He noted that the proposal had been turned down by Russian officials, who noted Syria had not previously supported the Chemical Weapons Conventionand that other countries saw the stockpile of Syrian weapons as "influencing very adversely the potential for peace and stability in the Middle East".

Lugar was influential in gaining Senate ratification of treaties to reduce the world's use, production and stockpiling of nuclearchemicaland biological weapons, and spearheaded many bipartisan nonproliferation initiatives. In he initiated a partnership with then- Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sam Nunn aiming to eliminate latent weapons of mass destruction in the former Soviet Union.

When President Reagan vetoed economic sanctions against South African leaders as a punitive measure for apartheid, Lugar turned against his own party and led the charge to overrule the veto successfully with bipartisan support. Lugar Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating also instrumental to the fall Meet at twin Salem Oregon wed the dictatorial Marcos regime in the Philippines and overseeing the presidential election there, urging Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating from the Reagan administration.

Nearly identical pro-transparency measures, aimed at curbing natural resource-related corruption in the developing Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating, were subsequently adopted by the European Union and Canada, making extractive industry payment disclosure a global standard. In a November interview, Lugar stated that President Donald Trump had not "demonstrated civility in his leadership" and that his usage of Twitter and "other Cam girls from west Lewiston utah avenues" were not solving issues.

Lugar received numerous awards, including Guardian of Small Business, the Spirit of Enterprise, Watchdog of the Treasuryand 46 honorary doctorate degrees. The citation in the press release read as follows:. An internationally respected statesman, he is best known for his bipartisan leadership and decades-long commitment to reducing the threat of nuclear weapons.

He currently serves as President of the Lugar Center. William Fulbright Prize for International Understanding. Lugar was a member the Indiana Society of Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating Sons of the American Revolution[] as well as a member of the Society of Indiana Pioneers, based on his descent from very early settlers in the state.

He remained an active Rotarian. Lugar was a member of the board of the International Foundation for Electoral Systemsan organization involved in international elections. A biological research facility in TbilisiGeorgiais named after Lugar in honor of his efforts to reduce nuclearchemicaland biological weapons around the world. The Richard G. It and other upgraded bio-threat reduction facilities in the region are designed to stop diseases like plague and African swine fever from spreading globally.

The main goal was to improve the biosafety, Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating, disease surveillance, and establish the Central Public Health Reference Laboratory.

InGeorgian authorities renamed the facility the Richard G. Inthen-U. At the invitation of the Georgian government, a contingent of U. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research are co-located in the facility. They work collaboratively alongside their Georgian counterparts. Lugar married Charlene Smeltzer on September 8, The couple had four sons. Lugar died in Falls Church, Virginiaon April 28,shortly after his 87th birthday, from complications of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy.

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John T. InEric Schmitt described Lugar Indianapolls "a four-term Meet and hot kinky fun, former presidential candidate and perhaps the most popular politician in Indiana history". This is one of the great senators in United States history. He is like a Daniel Websterhe is like a Henry Clay —names that I fear too many of our kids in grade school and high school don't even know anymore.

Lugar's defeat in the Senate Republican primary was written of as a sign of the national GOP base's escalation into strict support for the traditional views aligned with the right. What's certain ddating that the Senate Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating miss his qualities, and in time so may we all.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American politician. Charlene Smeltzer m. See also: Electoral history of Richard Lugar. Main article: Retrieved November 25, Archived from the original on February 2, Retrieved November 7, CS1 maint: Legacy of Honor: New York: Martin's Press.

I Am Search Teen Sex Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating

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Representative Mike Pence. Archived from the original on March 6, Retrieved July Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating, The Journal Gazette. Retrieved July 13, Jimmy Kimmel Live. May 9, Retrieved May 10, — via YouTube. Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating Pence moving to the center amid talk of presidential run? The Orange County Register.

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Meet local singles CT Stamford 6901 24, Retrieved April 24, The Republic. Columbus, Indiana. Archived from the original on October 12, Retrieved November 28, The Elephant in the Room: Washington Post.

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Joe Donnelly, Gov. fo

Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating I Ready Sexy Meeting

Pence meets with Carrier executives about move to Mexico". The Huffington Post. Retrieved July 17, Morning Shift. The Times of Northwest Indiana. Retrieved June 22, But Will He Be a Candidate? Retrieved January 1, The State Tax Reformers: More Governors look to repeal their income taxes". The Wall Street Journal. January 31, National Review.

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April 1, Wrohg Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating battle for control"Chalkbeat July 13, InsideClimate News. January 13, Archived from the original on December 1, EPA must change emissions rules or Indiana won't Friend on podre Coldwater. Mike Pence signs bill to allow guns in school parking lots".

Portland Press Herald. Pence signed into law? Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating February 23, Cheating wives in Jewett city CT Orders". February 10, Indiana Economic Digest. Retrieved July 30, Pence gets federal OK for Medicaid alternative".

But Mike Pence expanded it in Insiana. Retrieved November 25, Retrieved January 10, Pence defends religious objections law: Chicago Tribune. March 26, Retrieved April 22, March 29, April 4, March 7, Why Indiana needs 'religious freedom' legislation".

The Atlantic. Retrieved April 1, Retrieved March 26, Retrieved June 28, Indy Star. Mike Pence Says". KTLA 5.

Looking now near downtownnkc attractive fit and hung Times-Picayune. New Orleans. April 2, US News. Archived from the original on April 3, Mike Pence is ruled unconstitutional". Retrieved April 14, The Christian Science Monitor. Mike Pence's state-run news service stirs controversy". January 28, Indiana's New Propaganda Machine".

Indiana governor kills state-run news outlet". Indiana's governor is losing his fight to keep Syrian refugees away: Most other governors seem to have quietly dropped the matter". The Economist. March 14, Retrieved March 15, Trump said to pick Pence". The Guardian. July 14, Public records requirements applied to PenceAssociated Press January 10, In some cases, his office has withheld documents, delayed responses or denied public records requests filed by The Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating Press and other news organizations.

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Bloomberg News. Retrieved October 10, July 15, Retrieved July 26, Fox August 1, Retrieved August 2, Fresh Air. Retrieved October 22, But Mike Pence, the corporate right's inside man, poses his own risks".

Retrieved October 26, But the Koch network has still exerted a surprising influence over the White House". The network, founded by billionaire industrialist Koch brothers Charles G. Koch, has close Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating to Pence, which has helped enable it to exert influence in the White House despite not endorsing President Trump in Kochs 'would own' Pence if he became president".

The New Yorker. October 8, October 9, I never considered leaving Trump ticket". September 5, Retrieved October 14, Retrieved October 28, November 11, Datig January 21, Retrieved February 7, New York Daily News. Full transcripts datingg Trump's calls with Mexico and Australia". Trump badgered, bragged and Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating ended phone call with Australian leader".

Speed dating circulate 1, Josh Pitcock out, Nick Ayers in as chief of staff".

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Pence skips dinner with N Koreans". February 9, February 5, Retrieved February 13, February 21, The more the U. Federal Election Commission. May 17, Retrieved August 8, The Week. Unwavering Opposition to Abortion". New York TimesJuly 16, BuzzFeed News. Wolf Blitzer Reports. February 15, Retrieved January 27, Ladies wants casual sex NC Salisbury 28146 New York Post.

Wade overturned". I still want Roe v. July 10, A Guide to Renewing the American Dream". Archived from the original on February 6, Business Insider. Pence squishy on protecting against LGBT discrimination because he has long Wrong seat u of c Indianapolis Indiana dating it".

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